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Free Bible for Prisoners in Tanzania

Prisoners have little or no access to Bibles. They have plenty of free time that can be used maliciously when not preoccupied with useful activities. This project is intended to distribute free Bibles to prisoners giving them access to the Word of God. Prisoners will therefore, be influenced to read the Bible at their free time providing them chance to interact with the word of God and have an encounter with Jesus Christ the LORD.

This will be a three year program that will reach out to about 25,000 prisoners. A copy of the Bible can be shared by 5 prisoners.

We expect this project to have a big impact on prisoners in terms of behavior change, creating hope and making them good and responsible citizens when they regain their freedom and go back to the society. Behavior change will start while prisoners are still inmates. Experience show that those who encounter Jesus while in prison are exemplary in character and don’t cause trouble to others or prison authorities.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

To provide 5000 free Bibles to prisoners in Tanzania.

You donation will help prisoners in Tanzania as follows:-

1.There will be positive behavior change among inmates.

2. Reduction of chaos in the prisons.

3. Inmates will gain direction and meaning for their life while in prison.

4. It will help inmates to have peace of mind especially those serving long sentence.

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